Europ Assistance, you live, we care


An international group with 410,000 partners in 208 countries.

Europ Assistance watches out for more than 300 million people around the world. With 7,000 staff and 38 local companies taking action in the field, the Group has developed an international, on-the-spot system to enact its innovative, everyday vision of its Care Services, supported by a close-knit network of 420,000 partners. The development of Care Services embodies the new meaning we are giving our business lines. This involves a strong sense of being there; acting effectively when needed for our customers in everyday life and exceptional circumstances alike. And maintaining a culture of innovation that has underpinned nearly 50 years of experience. To fulfil our CARE promises, we are proposing a new generation of personalised care services that integrate new technologies, and are perfectly adapted to local contexts and requirements anywhere in the world.


Customer Service is more than a friendly face


Fortunately, we have that covered too.

It’s Official: We are the Best!


"My sincere thank you goes out to our clients and business partners who voted and nominated GMMI for this prestigious award.  In 2012 we celebrated GMMI's 20th Anniversary in the industry.  2013 looks like another very promising year for GMMI. Clients can expect service and product announcements from us in the coming months." Raija Itzchaki, COO of GMMI.